Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Finding and Keeping

Last weekend Brisbane held it's first Finders Keepers design market in the old museum. I love the old museum, I work near it and so get to gaze at it every day. This building is rather gothic looking and I remember being taken there as a very small child - it was like a junk shop of grand proportions, dusty cabinets displaying stuffed animals, collections of insects and, what looked to my young eyes, just a heap of stuff.
The museum moved to it's new home at the Cultural Centre in 1986 and it then became the home for the Queensland Youth Orchestra, and other performing arts and music groups.
The building itself has undergone a major renovation over the past few years and it's great that they are holding public events in it's lovely big rooms. I could go on about the market itself, but actually I wanted to focus on some of the images I took of the inside of this grand old dame.


  1. I too remember visits to the old museum as a child and look forward to coming to the next market there when I am back in Brisbane.

  2. Beautiful photos - I do love the one of your feet. The lines of the floor and the lines of your skirt.

    Thanks for a fun and busy and crazy and super duper weekend!

  3. Great post. Beautiful photos. I just love visiting museum.

    dsi r4