Friday, October 23, 2009

On the wrong side

There used to be a very sweet retail store in the Valley called Super Fun 5 that stocked all sorts of indi-hip and random assortments of clothing, bits and pieces, and bric-a-brac (must find out where that term comes from). I saw this very cute bookbag in the window.
The clever designer had used her zigzag stitch to create a great piece of art.

Apparently it was a young girl from the Sunshine Coast who sometimes sent stuff to the store to sell - that's all I was able to find out. I have hung on to this book bag, with it's ink stains from de-lidded pens, coffee splatters and the odd moth hole and today I decided it was time to frame it and display. My flatmate and I agreed that the 'wrong' side of the stitching is perhaps the 'right' side as it gives the gazing damsel much more emotion...or something.
I have several design friends who often make things showing the 'wrong' side of the fabric. Have a look next time you're choosing fabric - sometimes the way it's woven or the shift in colour might be exactly what you're looking for (especially in denim).


  1. I agree. I have often printed on the "wrong" side of fabrics like the Peacock denim messenger designed by Lyssy May.

  2. What a great story - that you kept this bag all those years, from some girl on the coast who made things. Love those random and totally loved pieces that we (sometimes) treat ourselves with.
    Yah for framing it and being able to look at it every day.
    Back wards, inside out - so true, often the best (my kids wear their clothes backwards and inside at least every second day!).

  3. What a fantastic effect the wrong side has added. It's something I have never really considered. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Ooo, what a great idea. It's a great little bag, but it's even better as a wall objet. You resourceful creature. What a fun post.

  5. Lovely. Great bag. Great Frame. Thats so me. I hate to throw things away...I turned my maternity jeans into cushions!

  6. I love the sketching. Inspiring. And I love the threads hanging out. My kind of aesthetic I think!

  7. Nice bag. Beautiful work on this bag. The design of a girl on the bag is looking supercool.

    dsi r4