Thursday, November 12, 2009

Materials and Methods - doorstop

It's amazing how time gets away from you and suddenly it's mid-November and you have heaps of stuff to do before the end of the year...less than two months of my job left (deep breaths, deep breaths)...a two week trip to India to plan and organise (more deep breaths) - finding time to be creative can be a bitch! I've been meaning to sit myself down and get a couple of doorstops made - might seem random - but it was for a good cause - I promise.

Firstly I had a pattern which I had found for free (don't you love that?) on the Selvedge magazine website - it's one by Lotta Jandotter. Awesome! Except you can't really read it as they must have scanned it at low res, and there was no actual pattern anyway, just the I was going to contact them to see if they would send it* and then figured surely I was smart enough to work this out.

*they have been alerted and pattern is now included as PDF on the site.

I used some undyed hemp/organic cotton that was actually a pillow case that I bought on sale in my favourite Eco-store, Biome - it was for one of those massive european pillows - so after unpicking all the seams there was 2 meters of fabric to play with!! Not bad for 10 bucks people! Then I grabbed a little berrilicious hemp fabric from my partner in craft crime, Ellie, this would make the top...or a roof - yes, I think these doorstops are going to be little houses!

After numerous cups of tea and an episode of Dexter (don't judge me), I started flicking through some old notebooks and photos for inspiration.
Originally I thought about embroidering random bricks on the panels - then I remembered a stamp making class I did with Holly from Two Cheese Please and decided making a brick 'stamp' was a genius idea (less work)! So I tested it out and tweeked it before heading for the fabric ink.
After that it was a blur - one of those fabulous times when you get totally lost in your creativity...then suddenly hours have passed by and you have something to step back and I have to raid some poor child's sandpit to fill them!

To embellish I used fabric scraps I had squirreled away, but you may recognise some Aussie designed and hand screen printed textiles by Pippijoe, Ink and Spindle, Kristen Doran and Green Olive.


  1. Oh my GOODNESS, this is totally fabulous Danielle! I love your use of little feature fabrics, particularly the pippijoe birds, and the bits of embroidery, and oh my, I'm in love! Great stuff.

  2. They do look fabulous !!! All those bits and pieces make a fantastic doorstop - loving them !

  3. I've been waiting for you to blog this.
    I love your doorstops. Such great little details on them. Yah!
    Perhaps I need one for my back door - did you know that.

  4. i love the owl peeking through the window!!

  5. Oh my gosh!! I'm here via Ellie's latest post, and I must say that I simply ADORE this doorstop. When will they be ready for purchase?

    P.S. I have a crush on Dexter, judging from me.

  6. Dexter trivia:

    Did you know that Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and Jennifer Carpenter (Deb) were married in real life earlier this year?!!! They met on the show I think.

  7. This doorstop is just amazing - I love all the little details! I'll be sure to pop back to 'visit' again. x

  8. Hey peeps - thanks for the encouragement and nice words! I've been thinking about making them to sell but might scale them down a little (these guys are for a market stall to anchor the shade tent down, and so needed to fit around 10kg of sand...that's alot of sand! I'll keep you posted!

    And yay for Dexter!

  9. Oooo, this is sooo fabulous! I love reading what you're up to, sneaky grrrl. Miss you in PA. The holiday season won't be the same without you.