Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Speed Queen

One of the features of my new abode is that we don't really have a washing machine...well, we do, but it apparently has, let's say, electrical issues. So this afternoon I made my way to the laundromat - it's at the end of the street, so I didn't have to drag my bag of dirty wares too far.

Why are these places so eerie? Is it the lighting? The lack of decent reading material? The plastic seating?  The fact that everyone walking past can see you pulling your underwear out of a bag and trying to shove it quickly into the machine?
Well, I came prepared peeps, I had something good to read (new Frankie magazine), a cup of tea which I made before I left home and then there were the other people in the laundromat to amuse me. Like the two young guys thinking that rolling up your sheets into a tight ball and putting that in the machine was going to somehow magically wash them perfectly...why were they wrapped up into a tight ball to begin with...not worth dwelling on is it?

Also, the machines were all called 'Speed Queens'...I like it!


  1. But those floor tiles are awsome, aren't they?

  2. guess who's also got electrical washing machine issues! Yep that right hopefully deetronics (alf's dad} can fix it tomorrow otherwise I'll be heading for the laundromat but somehow my experience nearly won't be as interesting as yours! :)

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