Monday, May 18, 2009

Ornithology: Brown Owls: May 17th

Of course I woke up late and had to get my skates on to get to my first Brown Owls morning. Luckily it was a beautiful autumnal Sunday morning in Brisbane - so the trip in was a joy! I arrived to find a room filled with cool crafty types, sipping fairtrade coffee and discussing the merits of the various granny square instructions that were floating about. We had very cute name badges to wear and there were an assortment of scrumptious home baked goodies on offer - I didn't have time for breakfast so I had the most delightfully iced cupcake...simply yum!

I have to say that my first attempt at a granny square was not too clever, but frankly I was just enjoying the chatter about craft, market stalls, Etsy and blogging to really care that much about completing anything. After several attempts I worked out what I was supposed to be doing and then toddled off home to sit quietly with a cup of tea and work through the instructions (I had to pull it out 4 times before ending up with this square!). The yarn used is a mixture of something cheap (the white flecked one) and two balls of Jo Sharp Classic DK wool skeins. I love Jo Sharp as she's an Aussie designer from Western Australia and creates great contemporary knitting pattern books and her wool colours are gorgeous!


  1. Oh you've done well with your first 'officially' completed square Danielle!! Those colours are a great combo. I really like that off-white speckled wool you have - meant to say that at Brown Owls yesterday :)

  2. So, do tell us what it means to become a Brown Owl. Is there a special initiation? A secret uniform? Do you cast spells?

  3. it a darn site better than my first attempt (and my second, third......)
    lovely blog, found you via byw

  4. Ah - Brown Owls - I do feel like it's some secret club when I say it in hushed tones - it is not the Owl Mafia (as the Blue Cheese Brit calls it)...although we recognize each other by hooting three times and spinning our heads around to face the back...actually I'm pleased to report that it's open to all like minded crafting creatures...finally people who share my obsession!!

  5. Hoot, Hoot, Hoot! How now brown owl?

    I LOVE your granny square and I'm sooooo jealous!!! I still haven't finished one but have done much unravelling of wool. I should put all that unravelled wool aside to use for dolls hair, LOL. I had the makings of a very wonky make it up as you go along crochet circle type creation, but I unravelled that too.

    It was great to meet you the other day and I can't wait to hear more about "The West End Project".

    Kelly :-)

  6. Your granny is grannylicious, are you addicted now? You'll be in the role of teacher at the next meet.

    It was soooo good to meet you on Sunday, look forward to more crafty chats xx