Thursday, May 14, 2009

Experiments in progress - Gilbert and Gertrude: part 2

I actually have made very few things using a sewing machine...even at school I remember Mum took over and made my year 9 apron for me...can I point out the part where I wrote 'took over'...anyway, I digress. I now feel fairly confident with most machines and even can change feet. The giraffe softie pattern I'm using had me scratching my head a little and after a few cups of tea and a biscuit I think I figured out how to put the ears and horns on!


  1. If it doesn't turn out to be your giraffe you could definitly adapt it to to be a butterfly.

    can you see it too or am I going mad?


  2. haha butterfly giraffe? bunny giraffe? for sure it's gonna be something cute!! i hope to have more confident with sewing machine soon. for now, i can't even get a straight line right :(

  3. Ooo, it's coming along! I can't wait to see the finished giraffe come out of its brilliant cocoon. Incidentally, I just read a post about the Australian burger, and I'm wondering if this is as true as the Anzac Biscuit:

    Do you really serve burgers with pickled beets and pineapple rings, or is this just a rumor?

  4. Delete Comment From: craft laboratory

    Danielle said...
    Flor - I like your thinking...maybe a dragonfly with that long tail!

    Suee - my tip is sew s-l-o-w...I used a machine recently that has three speeds - it was brilliant, took the panic out of it :-)

    Madame Fromage - It's sounds like urban myth but pineapple rings and beetroot slices are staples on a burger down under. I have many a childhood memory of red beet juice running down hands and then arms while eating a burger...warning, both are traditionally from tins - golden circle is my brand of choice because it's from Queensland (home of the infamous Big Pineapple tourist attraction). Also, I say no to egg on a burger, that is just wrong!

  5. Great pictorial instructions, maybe they should be added to the pattern.

    Looking forward to meeting you at Owls on Sunday!

  6. beetrot rocks but it ain't pickled in the true German sense. Tinned beetrot! def. goldern circle as mentioned by madame fromage. But I must say since leaving all things brisvegas and living in sydney. I def do not consume tinned beetrot and pineapple. Though some folks have pineapple and ham pizzas (which i'm not a fan of). But i do love pineapple and lychees in a good red thai duck curry. (preferably fresh not tinned). But I love the italian deli homemade dip of horseradish and beetrot i get up the road! Oh sorry danielle - love the horn, ears and tail saga! hahhaahhahaha can't wait to see the outcome!

  7. it's looking very giraffe-ee to me! and why is it only for the babies?? looks like something i'd like to snuggle up to in the winter-time :-)
    t xox