Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Save Gocco

What is Gocco printing? It's a colour screenprinting system developed in Japan in the 70's. Crazily, 1 in 3 Japanese households had one....what were they all printing with them - that's what I want to know! The whole kit looks like a toy and is supposed to be easy to use and creates little mess. I hadn't heard of this printing process before but it is all the rage it seems in the indie craft movement, which is a shame as it's stopped being made!

Sadly the parent company, Riso Corp, decided to stop manufacturing and it sent out it's last shipment of supplies and then wiped it's hands. Except...there is a grassroots movement called 'savegocco.com', started by Jill Bliss in 2005 and resurrected by Katie Stephenson today (who I met through the Blogging My Way course), which hope to keep Gocco printing alive. Katie also has a heap of suppliers, tutorials, fixes etc on her blog - Check it out! Now, where's my 'Save Gocco' T-shirt?


  1. Yes, I am newly discovering and understanding some of these wonderful crafting/art techniques. Sounds interesting, will definitely read up Katie's blog to learn more as my sister and I had talked about giving it a go.
    Have a great day!

  2. Huh? No more Gocco? I just found about Goccos not too long ago and haven't researched it enough nor have I found the funds or time to experiment with one but I know I must have oit. Doh! Need to check out more and maybe hit up ebay? Thank for the info.

  3. Gocco is great, I had a machine for a while and loved it. But since the supplies, machine and accessories are all on the expensive side, I had say goodbye to my little Gocco.

  4. I got a $100 bill for my birthday last year from my MIL and I have been holding it tight hoping to land a Gocco somehow and use it towards one. Sigh. I still have my $100.