Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not the Eurostar

I caught a few long distance trains to travel around India, and if you travel in AC class, you usually get bedding supplied, sheets, a rock hard pillow and a dusty blanket.

lesson number 2:
First Class travel on an Indian train is NOT like being on the eurostar - and that your traveling companion will never let you live that down!

My compartment sharers (a mother and daughter from Mumbai going for a holiday in Jaipur) were miffed as to why I would be taking photos of Western Railway's sheets. They also told us even they don't eat the food offered on the train and gave us some of their very yummy homemade parathas with lime pickle.

 - but seriously, the sheets! Check out how they have incorporated train tracks into their branding, and the month and year they were made! I think they have been block printed.

I actually really enjoyed the slower pace of the train, being able to watch the fields roll by, read a book, chat to people who walk by - they all ask 'which county?'

Occassionally the train would stop at stations, where people popped out for a quick snack. 

Then the Chai-Wallah's would get on and move through the carriages yelling - 'Chai' Chai' Chai' and then 'Tea' when he saw we weren't Indian. 


  1. This is awesome. My mum was born in Brit India and I've always wanted to go. Now I can vicariously travel! Can’t wait for more posts!

  2. I remember when I was in Thailand (years ago, before the kids). On one train trip, someone came along and pulled down our seats at evening time, turning them into beds. He made up our beds, tucked the sheets and blankets in and everything - handing us fresh pillows (I'm sure they were rock hard too, can't remember).
    It wasn't the Eurostar, but I sure felt like a Queen for a few moments!

  3. Hey Amy - you should definitely try making a trip - it's not for everyone but if you have a little bit of adventure in you (and I know you do!), you'll embrace the crazy and get alot out of the experience!

    Haha Ellie - it certainly sounds similar - I wonder what the overnight train in Australia are like?