Sunday, January 10, 2010


Things have been pretty quite over here in the Craft Lab...a lot has been happening peeps. 

For the past 2 weeks I've been in India! Some friends were getting married in Mumbai and since I'd never really thought much about travelling to India (but secretly have always wanted to go to an Indian wedding!!), I decided to take the plunge. Besides, check out the fortune cookie message - now I just need a fortune to arrive this year!

The plan then was to attend Fraser and Priya's gorgeous wedding, then take a train up north into the state of Rajasthan so that I could visit traditional wood block printers in Jaipur and hang out at spiritual places (Pushkar and Varanasi), and basically hunt out some interesting textiles to send back. Yeah...

lesson number one:
India is one of those places where nothing ever happens as you expected - sometimes not so good - but often works out better than you could have hoped for.

I've decided to break up these postings so that you get a look at where we went in India and also give a few 'tips' and tell a few yarns on the way. It was an amazing place because it confronts you on all levels, and I think that's why I liked it.

Don't leave home without:
a sense of humour (you'll need it to survive).


  1. Welcome Home!
    Can't wait to see all your photos and hear your stories. The last photo with the boats and the person dressed in orange is particularly beautiful.

    Talk soon, E xx

  2. I look forward to reading this is droplets, my dear. Beautiful photos so far. I like the man in the sweet shop and the family on the ellie.

  3. India is indeed an image-rich country! I had lens-envy watching people wandering around Varanasi with massive zooms!

  4. Gorgeous shots Danielle - Did you manage to get to Pushkar? After travelling to India for so many years for work I actually took my husband on holidays to Rajasthan a few years ago and it was very comfronting - I like your comment about having a sense of humour! On the way home at the airport I remember him saying - "I had a fabulous time and I never want to come back!" he will change his mind Im sure! x

  5. Hey Tracie - I spent three days in Pushkar - was a journey to get there but well worth it. The lake was empty, which the locals said was due to the water 'hiding'. Stayed at a fabulous place called Inn Seventh Heaven - a total sanctuary run by great people (they have resident canines too).