Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Craft Crush 3: Megan Guise

Megan Guise is only 22, super talented and lives all the way over in Western Australia in Perth. She loves drawing, Frankie mag, tea and homemade baked goods and basically everything we do. She's also got many projects on the go it seems and did her first solo exhibition earlier this year!
I first saw Megan's sweet paper doll illustrations in our favourite mag Frankie. For a limited time, you could send her a photo and she would turn you into one of her super cute paper dolls! Too hard to resist, I knew the exact photo - one taken of me in a crazy chinese shop in Philadelphia - I had spied a lovely red parasol and was trying to look beguiling - yeah right - anyway - here is my transformation into one of Megan's paper dolls (number 36 to be exact) - I just knew I was going to adore it! I especially like looking at all the other 'dolls' in the series and wondering what their real life alter egos are like. I wonder what project will be next?


  1. You're such a cutie-pie. She even got your red sandals in. I love it.

  2. Hi Danielle, this is soooo sweet. Love the girly photo of you and the illustration! I'm a frankie fan too. hope all's well with you, Wini

  3. Oooo, that couldn't be any cuter. I'm envisioning tattoos of the image.

  4. I love this drawing, it is gorgeous. She has captured your beautiful dress and parasol perfectly!
    Congrats on establishing Selvedge House, I can't wait to check out your shop when you find a place to set up.
    Kelly :-)

  5. Sweet princess, have you ever eaten Roaring Forties Blue? I just read about it on a blog, and it's made in Australia: http://misscheesemonger.com/