Sunday, August 23, 2009

Results - Toots Baby Bib

Ok, ok, ok,'s been an awfully long time between chats - my fault, but there's a good reason for it - I promise! But for now I wanted to share with you a finished item - yes, it's true, I got off my ass and actually made something I had sketched out in my notebook!

You may remember the screen printing class I did at Thea and Sami's studio a little while ago. Well the little 'Toot' train was my first design, and it just seemed to me like a good idea for a baby's bib - luckily so many of my friends are getting pregnant!

I decided to do a little embellishment first with some little pieces of felt and embroidery yarn. Next was to draw a rough pattern from another bib I had lying around (for those that know me well, this is a weird admission). Originally I was going to use velcro for the neck enclosure but I only had some black stuff - which I thought was not really appropriate - maybe if the bib had more of a rock-n-roll feel about it ...hmmm, there's an idea. Anyhoo - I had some cute craft ribbon so I had to adjust the pattern on the fly. 

I also had to do an emergency visit to Spotlight (cringe) - I'll talk more about that experience another time. I wanted to have a soft and absorbant material on the back (for wiping mouths) and originally was looking for some single sided terry towelling (to reduce bulk), but ended up with a double layer of white flannel. I hope Emma (and her little man - due in less than two weeks) like it...even though there is alot of dodgy sewing - I wish my old machine (Elna Contessa) had a slow speed - easier for negotiating curves :-)

Things to do next time: different coloured topstitching; possibly more embellishment (was thinking about stitching a cloud of smoke shape around the letters), although all the stitching might look a bit crappy after vomit, food and a lot of Nappysan soaks - any other suggestions?


  1. What a great gift! I'm happy that your print is being put to such a great use.

  2. I love it as is. Really great.