Monday, August 24, 2009

National Science Week

August 15th - 23rd in Australia was National Science Week! The Craft Laboratory is paying homage to this auspicious time of the year by bringing you examples of science I have come across in my recent travels.

Exhibit A:
Subscription leaflet for Inside Out (Australian lifestyle magazine - or as a friend once called this style of magazine... 'lifestyle porn').

Exhibit B: 
Theater space I walked past in Philadelphia - actually I'm kind of grumpy about this as I have made a logo for the Craft Laboratory based on the periodic table and little sciencey flask...I've decided that I'm still going to use them - just goes to show... great minds think alike :-)

Exhibit C:
Two page spread of science-related geek chic in Ready Made magazine!

Exhibit D:
Another bit of flasky goodness with a lovely ceramic bird by Have You Met Miss Jones. Great interview with the artist (Jennifer Jones) about how she set up her business on the Living Creatively site!


  1. does this mean that lab / science things are popular or over-used....hmmmm? i saw the inside out one and liked it too!!

  2. I don't think science has ever been popular (haha)

  3. I'm loving the beakers. I'd love one as a vase for home, for my geeky Beloved (to de-girlify the flowers). Don't suppose you could pinch me one at the Lab? :-)