Monday, August 31, 2009

Introducing Gilbert and Sullivan!

Remember when I attempted my first giraffe softie? - He sort of ended up with some unfortunate mutilation in the nether regions (first attempt on the right)...

...but battle on I did and after a little advice from the creator (Louise Papas of Audrey and Maude) I finally got around to a second attempt - easier this time and I worked out some of my mistakes (and made new ones) - but really, who in their right mind would say awful things about a child's toy? I think I prefer the bigger felt eyes with the eyelashes stitched on (the other ones are needle felted).


  1. Oh, they are the very model of a modern G-raff! Well done. I totally adore the ear stitching on the second one, it rocks.

  2. They look soooo cute!!! Well done, love the fabric too. Wini xo

  3. these are just lovely - love the names too.