Friday, August 28, 2009

All tied together

I have a great friend who I met in the lab (the science one) who is one my inspirations. Over the years, she went from an enthusiastic student to slowly realising by the end of her PhD that research science was not for her - time for a lovely friend started a pastry chef apprenticeship and is as happy as choux pastry (? not sure what that means really but sounds right)!

The fabulous tie quilt pictured was made by Tegan's clever mum! It's fantabulous and made from thrift store silk ties tirelessly collected (what a brilliant idea)! I like to think of it as a tangible reminder of the networks that hold us all together, each tie representing a person who has come into your life: all different, some a little odd, some older, some a bit moth eaten (hehe) and all stitched together to form a lovely community to cover you and keep you feeling content and warm.

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  1. I'd love to see an image of the entire project.