Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Results - Puff Purse

A few months ago I happened across a website that was full of inspiration and guidance. Nicole Mallalieu Design sells supplies, patterns and gives great tips on how to make bags, purses and hats. If you live in Melbourne there are also classes and workshops for basic sewing and bag making.

The very cute 'Puff' purse looked like one I bought on a trip to Japan - so I thought I'd have a go at making this one and then maybe tweek the pattern a bit. The kit comes with reasonably clear instructions (black and white pictures of the main construction steps help alot), the purse pattern, the purse clasp, and some iron-on interfacing which is needed to give the outer fabric a bit more body. You need to supply the final fabrics - but all up it is a great project for random remnants or a fat quarter.

I chose some wholesome looking japanese fabric I bought from Peppermint Stitches (a new quilting fabric shop here in Brisbane) for the outer fabric and the inside lining was a remnant of red polka dot cotton fabric from Lincraft

The hardest bit (apart from choosing fabrics) was fiddling around with putting the top into the purse clasp - there was a near disaster with the hobby glue and I decided to change the way the clasp was stitched on as I think it gives a neater appearance (and I didn't use the little beads as suggested in the pattern - just some contrasting red embroidery thread).

I'm glad it worked out as it's actually a birthday present for a friend - yes, finally my friends and family will get to appreciate the toils of my incoherent mutterings and ramblings about craft and sewing.


  1. That's the cutest little purse!! LOVE the fabrics you chose and a lovely vintage-looking clasp. Very nice... :)

  2. Wow, that is adorable - the red stitches look really classy, a great idea.

    Thanks for your advice on a name - you pointing out that it is an aussie bird and so am i, pretty much clinched the deal :-) Thanks..!

  3. LOVELY!

    Good to see you were able to tweak the instructions to suit your own taste.

  4. Yay ! ihaven't made the puff opurse but have made the small coin purse. After one or two , I can now just whip them up as gifts - it a great gift idea.
    The key fabric is adorable and I love the red contrast.

  5. ooohhhhh yyyeeessss like that little one!
    Very cool fabric choice and love the internal dottage surprise when open.
    Stitches look so professional.

  6. it's sucha lovely puff purse and i loved the fabric combination! great work!

  7. Your purse looks really great! Love the red dots! What a lucky friend. I attended one of Nicole's classes a couple of years ago. It was a lot more involved than what I expected just to make one tote, but it was really fun and the end result made the hard work worthwhile! :)