Friday, May 29, 2009

Bicycle Cruising

Can you remember when you learnt to ride a bike? I remember being gently shoved down a hill near my house and just having to learn to steer out of sheer terror as I didn't want to run into the post at the bottom of it. I have since owned a couple of bikes, the current one is a little flat bar road bike - good for commuting to work everyday, I get to cycle by the river and over a couple of bridges and through a park - puts me in a great mood. While I was in Philadelphia I noticed a trend towards those very cute beach cruisers - they have back peddle brakes, lovely baskets at the front and are perfect for cycling while wearing a this one, which sits out the front of a house down the street from me. I want one, but riding up hills would be a nightmare!

I'm also a little obessesed by bike prints so it would seem remiss of me not to have bought this gorgeous 'not quite fat quarter' hand printed by GreenOlive Design in Melbourne. I think I may make a purse with it...we'll see.

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    to check out jumpsuit chic suitable for biking in new york! love it! i'm selling my old mountain bike to swap maybe for for a more lighter weight and user friendly lower top bar womens bike. At he moment very bondi hip to have a cruiser too!