Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Experiments in progress - Gilbert and Gertrude: part 1

An update on my first attempt at making Gilbert the giraffe from an Audrey and Maude pattern  (and you thought I was being slack!). On Sunday I managed to buy some lightweight fusible wadding (I asked for something called Pellon)...note to self - it's cheaper on ebay.

I then traced the pattern onto some brown paper. I used that as it's cheap and you can lay it on top of your pattern and easily trace it - plus, I don't care if it gets torn.

Last night I ironed the fusible wadding onto the opshop fabric for the body, and ears of my giraffe. My Mum jumped for joy when she noticed I had finally bought myself an iron - I had to firmly tell her it was for crafting only - not domestic duty. She still looked smug.

Next was tracing the patterns onto the fabrics and then cutting them out. I found a fabric pen that fades after 48 hrs - good idea - hmm, may be up late sewing tonight.


  1. Hi Danielle, I just thought I'd stop by and see where you were at. The giraffe looks so cute, looking fwd to seeing the finished result! Your Craft show posts are great, looks like you had a lot of fun! Love the apron. take care, Wini :) (from BYW).

  2. I love the giraffe!!! I think I need to buy the pattern. Good for you!

  3. Hey Wini - thanks possum! Just popped over to yours - fantastic blogpost on the BYW ecourse! I'm thinking of doing the Unravelling photography ecourse by Susannah of Ink On My Fingers blog - I'm addicted!

  4. Hey Danielle, I can't wait to see gilbert all grown up. Tres cute. It will be of no surprise that i love the aprons. I'll have to check out that blog. It's a far cry from my attempts in year 8 home economics class.

  5. i really love the polkadot fabric! it cheers me up just be looking at it! :D