Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gertrude and Gilbert

I was looking around the living room of my very small flat thinking...I have a massive stash of craft stuff and a book of written ideas and concepts - time to get busy! To make myself finish projects I'm listing them as 'Aims' and hopefully they'll end up under the 'Results' section on my sidebar.

It seems people are getting pregnant left, right and centre so it's time aunt Danielle thought about making some very cute toys! I bought an adorable giraffe pattern by Audrey and Maude while at last week's craft show, so my first 'Aim' is to get better acquainted with Contessa (my Mum's circa 1970's sewing machine) and make some of these softies.

These sweet giraffes remind me of the Eiffel Tower with the way their legs are positioned. The spotty cotton fabric (it looks similar to Disco Dot by Michael Miller) was sourced from my wonderful OpShop - someone sewed a size 18 top and I'm pretty certain it has never been cost $1 and there is heaps of usable fabric. Yes Mum, I've washed it - twice! The gorgeous 100% wool felt was also purchased at the craft show and is from Winterwood Toys in Victoria. According to the pattern (which looks freehand drawn - love it!), I need some light fusable wadding to iron onto the fabric to give it a smoother look and for ease of sewing. I also think I will hand stitch eyes rather than use buttons (that's just asking for trouble). My plan is to have something to show you by next week...wish me luck!


  1. ack, that's too adorable for words!

  2. hey i'm going to hit some markets tomorrow in sydney town. But next week I'm checking out the finders and keepers markets at the fabulous carriageworks.

  3. also check out this danielle
    and thhis brissie studio
    cool eh?! looking forward to your creatures!! :-)

  4. good luck! can't wait to see your giraffes!