Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brooching a subject

I made these little Animal Cracker brooches a while ago - yes I was obsessed with cocktail animals (who isn't?) and every time I wore one I was delighted by people's reactions - smiles, nods of approval, giggles, gleeful memories of messy nights out.

Interesting facts: there is only one species of giraffe: Giraffa camelopardalis. I love the fact that the word camel is in it too...the word 'brooch' is not to be confused with 'broach' (apparently).


  1. Wow. Aren't they cute. I can imagine why you got so many great reactions to them. I might have to give them a try. My daughter is turning 7 later this year and they would make the perfect party favour.

  2. Great for Goodie Bags too at fashion shows! Have to remember that one Danielle we could do a barter on that one! They're sooooo fun. Could do them in pairs for a noah's ark feel!

  3. Hey thanks gals!

    Danielle - Great idea! Your daughter and friends would love them - just watch out for the bits that might break off - the monkey's tail is a likely candidate and there's nothing worse than an upset 7 year old!

    Ritz - Sign me up for Goodie Bags - what a laugh!

  4. These are adorable little bosom companions. How do I get one?

  5. Well, I have thought about opening an Etsy store eventually - but we can barter - an Animal Cracker for a piece of cheese Madame?

  6. I love the cocktail animals too! And to show what a nerd I am, the word "camelopardalis" is the Greek word for giraffe and literally means "spotty camel". Hey it's not as absurd as the word Hippopotamus - also Greek for "river horse". I'll shut up now.
    See you at the Craft show then.