Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Suitcase Rummage

Winter in Brisbane has begun - and so have the markets! They seem to be multiplying like rabbits as there must be at least two every weekend for the next few months. Today I took myself off to the Suitcase Rummage in King George Square. As I'm making a city relocation this year I've decided to purge my life, so today I was offloading books and some much loved (but no longer worn) clothes.

I really wanted to tackle this woman for her great hat!
This market is a perfect blend of vintage, general second hand, quirky finds and grass roots indie designers, with everything being sold from a suitcase. There was even Edith Piaf being piped to give people the ambiance of fossicking through a french flea market.

My best find today wasn't a 'thing' but a person! Kimberley Jane Robinson is a visual design graduate who started her own small business (Kijaro) specialising in invitations. What captured my crafter's eye though was Kim's fantastic collection of carded vintage buttons, neatly packaged patterns and bundles of fabric. She professes to liking old stuff, collects purses and clearly has a good design eye. Catch her vintage haberdashery and stylish invitations and cards at the next Suitcase Rummage (July 4th)!


  1. This makes me want to move back to Brisbane (especially the vintage buttons!)

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