Monday, April 26, 2010

My Beautiful Laundrette

Do you hate washing? I don't - which is weird as we don't even have a washing machine at our house (*) which means you have to actually factor in washing time - not just shove stuff in while you're cooking dinner or something. Maybe it's my utter delight at slipping into freshly laundered sheets that makes me like the process. 

(*) long story involving one that broke and nobody being fussed in buying a new one as we're either in life transit or have lovely partners who do have washing machines.

So apart from hand washing, I traipse up the street to my beautiful laundrette - it really is my favourite! It's spacious, always clean, the floor tiles are cool, and they have machines that work well and are called Speed Queens.

I've always had a strange aversion to these oddly lit 'filth to clean' parlors as most look dodgy, and have bad strip lighting - who uses them? Well, I can tell you, all walks of life! I once saw a fashion shoot being done here and it got me thinking about doing a photographic series of a year in the life of this place and capture people's could be another blog - I could call it My Beautiful Laundrette (also the name of a great film) - would you read it?

Anyway - until that day - I wanted to share with you a little creative project. I used to keep my coinage in a daggy plastic bag (the shop next door never gives change so you have to remember to save some).

So, as I love Pippijoe's Laundry Bird fabric so much - this gives me yet another reason to use it. I had some lovely cream coloured organic hemp stashed away and repurposed a zip (from an old bag I decided to tear apart). 

I really love the effect sewing the images so that they really are left to flutter in the breeze - over time the fabric will fray with wear (just like our favourite clothes over time).


  1. Cute little laundry purse.
    Must watch that movie again - years since I remember seeing it.
    Take care, E xxx

  2. Good grief, you are charming. Would I read a laundromat blog? Of course, by you, yes! I, too, have a strange fascination with them as I had a college friend who work at one -- a pink place -- and regaled us with many stories at the dinner table. I'd love to know the history of the Speed Queen and see pics of single socks left on tables, maybe a bit of audio: the sounds of washing?'re a genius. And that tote, it's too much. I would love a little coin clutch with fluttery birds. Ohhh, and when you travel, you could take pics of laundromats elsewhere -- the traveling laundrette.

  3. That is the most lovely coin purse. I love Lenard Cohen's "bird on a wire" - your purse reminds me of the song. Gorgeous.

  4. The purse is gorgeous. I'm suddenly overcome with the kookaburra song...electric wire...jumping up and down with its pants on fire. Must be all of this talk about laundrettes and your birds on washing lines. I think the blog would be very interesting....there's something about getting all of your personals out there in the open with everyone wandering through hospital wards with only a gown on. x