Saturday, October 3, 2009

Results - Kristen Doran Bunny

All week I had been itching to use my new machine which arrived Wednesday...OK, so for half a week I've been itching - a Janome DC3050 (DC stands for Decor Computer..apparently). My lovely friend Madame Fromage encouraged me to christen said machine with a new name.

Decor Computer - not very inspiring is it...a bit point dexter.

Hmm, Decor...Decoy? Destroy? 

Decor Computer...if you put this into an anagram maker it comes out as 'Come Corrupted'... in Washington DC (went there for work once - amazing monuments...politics-corrupted  fits in with the anagram above)....Washington? 

I like it, my new machine can be a boy, surely! Washington it is! 

Right, now I need to actually use Washington to make something - what better than one of Kristen Doran's softie kits! I have had this kit sitting here for weeks waiting to be tried - it was easy peasy (great for beginners) and I decided to use other fabrics than the ones given in the kit for the arms, legs and internal ear bits and practiced my hand stitching in the tummy bit (liking french knots). You'll note the MASSIVE spool of white thread my new bunny is perched on - things are getting sewing serious when you buy the biggest spool of thread you can find.

Can you remember the first thing you made with your sewing machine?


  1. Ha, love your posts - :- always amusing! Your new purchase is very lovely! and the bunny is super cute.

    I hope you and Washington have a stress-free relationship... me and "Bernie the Bernina" have a bit of an off and on relationship at the moment ...

  2. What a great way to christen Washington! The bunny is super cute.

    I haven't told my Jaguar that she's going to be replaced by an industrial machine soon... I don't want to hurt her feelings.

  3. I think a sewing machine could surely be a boy - has the strength to just keep going on the job, doesn't comment about how it feels about anything, leaves the swearing and emotions up to you. Go Washington!

  4. Oooo, perfect. I love your new baby boy, Washington. Will you be hosting a briss?