Thursday, July 2, 2009

Results: Ultimate Craft

Righto - it's been rather quiet on the Craft Laboratory blog front hasn't it? Is it the weather? The day job? Too much crafting (if only)? Nah - it's my other love - Ultimate Disc - AKA the game played with a frisbee. I could go on for days, days, about this game - but this is not the time or place for that. I did want to share some crafty goodness with you though. Last year my team (Sultry) was going to Nationals and my frisbee partner in crime (Yam Yam) and I were in charge of organising team gifts (prize given to the player we thought was most valuable on the opposing team). We came up with these - frisbee shaped heat packs - to soothe those sore muscles after playing 5 days of Ultimate games.

It was a brilliant concept - frisbee shaped and made using calico, felt, rice and a lot of love! We cut the calico into rounds a little bigger than your hand. It took a few nights of careful cutting for the felt lettering and then another night hand stitching them all on (we had a team craft night - some team mates have never forgiven me). If I had more time I would have hand embroidered the wording on the back but alas - it was written on with a Nikko pen (such regret). The calico was then sewn around, leaving a gap for filling with barely or long grain rice (enough so that you could mould it). The gap was then stitched up and hey presto!


  1. So lovely to catch up on the craft laboratory over a bottle of Blue Moon in the sticky evening. The frisbee packs are ingenious, and I'm envisioning all shapes of hot packs now as give-aways...mmmm, bagel shapes for bagel lovers, weiner-dog-shaped for w.d. lovers, and maybe even cheese-shaped for the cheese lover in all of us. A little blue veining sounds like an easy project. xo