Monday, June 15, 2009

Results - Jacket for Djinni

A little while ago my sister-in-law enlisted my crafty help in a little craft project. Their Schnauzer (Djinni) needed a new dogcoat and after extensive searching, Bec declared that all the dogcoats she had seen were basically...horrible (think ruffles, think paw fabric)...and would I be up for sewing one? It's cliche, but when I think Schnauzer I think tartan - so off to Lincraft on a fabric hunt. I managed to find a remnant of tartan polarfleece (non-pilling according to the label) and a pack of extra wide velcro. Bec did all the hard work and made a great pattern from the old dogcoat and sent it down to me.

In the end I decided that I wouldn't put any padding in and just have a double layer of polar fleece (should be warm enough and not too bulky). I reinforced the velcro and even topstitched all the way around so it retained it's shape better. All in all it only took a few hours to make. Apparently when it arrived Djinni took hold of it and Bec had trouble getting it out of her mouth long enough to put it on her - a good sign...I think. Bec had to bribe Djinni with doggie treats in order to get some photos - so thanks Bec and Djinni!


  1. That is a very cool dog coat! When i see those dogs i think tartan too - or houndstooth...

    I have been meaning to make one for my puppy so you have inspired me !

  2. I have made two dog coats within a week and neither of them is even close to as well-made as yours....Love the tartan!

  3. Too cute! And I'm obsessed with Mini Schnauzers, so anything on this little one looks great in my books!