Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Craft Laboratory

I have been thinking for quite a while that the Brisbane craft scene is missing something. While I was in Philadelphia (USA) I was lucky enough to happen across a wonderful material shop called Spool (see Craft Crush 1). Spool sells vibrant, contemporary quilting fabrics and has a small workshop space at the back that had 8 basic sewing machines and a large cutting table. I attended a few sewing classes and also spent time in the 'open sewing' sessions where you can use the machines, tables, rotary cutters etc for a cost per hour. I have never felt happier. Spool was welcoming, warm and changed my life. I realised this is what I wanted for my lovely Brisvegas, a place for like-minded people to come and create, be inspired, be inspiring and basically somewhere we can all hang out and talk about our crafting passions.

My aim is to gather information for this dream and I want to document it here so people can contribute their thoughts, ideas or even go into partnership! I'm personally not interested in making a fortune, I just want to feel happy and fulfilled in life and change the crafting landscape of where I call home. In Melbourne there are several places that fit this description, although all operate quite differently with different focuses. Hopefully they'll be interested in participating in a mini interview series so that we can get a brief insight into the inspiration behind how these wonderful places started.

Anyhoo - for now I have a picture of a shop space for lease that I wanted to share with you. I pass by this everyday and it always makes me smile and daydream about my Craft Laboratory one day being a living, breathing entity.


  1. What an awesome idea. Where is the shop located?

    The would be so great to have a place where you could just go and sew anytime with like-minded people.

    I have just started getting into screenprinting. I would love to have a small space with screenprinting bench, dryer and sink for washing up I could pay to use. There could be some screens to use for printing cut stencils, some squeegees and you could just buy small pots of ink to use.

    Very interested in your idea and will be following your research :-)

  2. Hey thanks Katy! The shop space is in West End (Situated on Vulture Street, on the strip between Boundary St and Hardgrave Rd) - it's been vacant for ages and ages and used to be a shop called Lavender Blue years ago. I like it because it's on a corner, on the 199 bus line, and on a street with decent passerby traffic but with nothing else around it...perfect!

  3. How excitement, you know I'm keen and would love to help out with this venture in any way! Love the idea of an interview series with other crafty ventures such as the Melbourne folk. Perhaps you could do one with the Philly Spool folk too.
    Thank you soooooo much for this post, I've been feeling really flat and this post has just given me a real lift! :-)

  4. But...but...but...what will we do without you in Philly? Couldn't you start Craft Airlines?

  5. Thought I recognised the building. Super super idea, something like this is certainly wanting in Brissie! Like it! I think you'll have plenty of offers to help...

  6. I'm way too far to do anything but cheer you on! How exciting to put this dream out into the universe this way! Dreams come true!